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“F.A.M.E.” the state of being known for doing something important

We build a new entrepreneurial space for female Founders, Angel investors, Mentors and Explorers (F.A.M.E) by celebrating, supporting and encouraging the next creators of tomorrow.

Here, we want to bring together women entrepreneurs, female investors, successful businesswomen, inspirational role models, and like-minded yet diverse individuals all interested in developing and supporting female entrepreneurship.

We belive that every one of you is important and can do something that is important. So, let`s do it together.

Are you a Founder?

  • Have your own business?
  • Looking for financing?
  • Help with pitch deck/business plan/financials?
  • Need coach or a mentor?
  • Expand your professional network?
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Are you an Angel Investor?

  • Invest in local companies?
  • Narrow the funding gap?
  • Have difficulties with generating deal leads?
  • Need help with the investment process?
  • Learn more about angel investing/other types?
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Are you a Mentor?

  • Support women entrepreneurs?
  • Advice growing companies?
  • Share successes/failures with women fellows?
  • Contribute field-specific expertise?
  • Develop personal leadership/coaching styles?
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Are you an Explorer?

  • Learn about female entrepreneurship?
  • Need inspiration/ next steps?
  • Corporation/VC supporting female founders?
  • Media interested in this topic?
  • Make an impact as part of a community?
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